Multi-Tenant SaaS Architecture

Multi-tenant architectures are the industry standard for enterprise SaaS applications, it is a good choice for businesses that want to get started with fewer hardware requirements and easier onboarding. It is also ideal for customers who don’t have the internal resources needed to handle the maintenance requirements of single tenant SaaS environments.

Single Database Multi-tenancy

When using the "single database" version, data from all tenants will be gathered into a single database and separated by columns containing tenantID's.

SaasWeb using this approach and Tenant relationships are handled automatically.

Model setup

For using single databse multi-tenancy call ForTenants trait on a model

use CreatyDev\App\Tenant\Traits\ForTenants;

class Project extends Model
    use ForTenants;

Tenants CRUD Operations

By adding ForTenants trait on a model. you can now call CRUD operations directly.

$todos = Todo::create([
    'name' => 'Todo name'
$todos = Todo::get();

Normal CRUD Operations

SaaSWeb gives you ability to fetch data to perform normal CRUD operations on models with ForTenants trait. To do so, you can use withoutForTenants scope when fetching records associated with that model.

{warning} For example this operations can be done on: admin dashboard.

$todos = Todo::withoutForTenants()->get();


All tenant routes are under the routes folder in the tenant.php file.

{info} Tenant routes placed separately, is much easier to know which routes are for tenants.