Billing and Subscription

With SaaSWeb you can charge your customers to access your application or features in your application. The script have all you need to bill like a pro.

SaaSWeb uses Stripe by default; however, new billing gateway will be add soon.

{warning} You should configure your Stripe key in your .env configuration file in order to billing and subscription work properly. You can retrieve your Stripe API keys from the Stripe control panel


Setting up your app to work with Stripe is super simple. This is going to be the easiest way to configure your application to accept payments.

Create a Free Stripe Account

It's easy to setup a free Stripe account. Visit and create an account.

Adding Stripe API keys

Now, that you have your Stripe API keys you will need to add them to your application .env file. Find and update your stripe keys in the following variables.

{warning} You can test out payments with your Test API keys, but you will need to activate your account before you can view your Live API keys. To toggle between test or live data, you'll need to toggle Viewing Test Data (see previous screenshot).


{warning} Notice, when you are ready to go live with accepting real payments you will need to update to live Stripe API keys.

Stripe Test Credit Cards

Here is an example Stripe credit card numbers that you can use for testing purposes: CARD NUMBER : 5555555555554444 EXP DATE: Any date in the future CVC: Any 3 digit code ZIP: Any 5 digit ZIP code

Other Stripe credit card numbers can be found here.


In SaaSWeb admin panel, create, edit and delete plans are prety easy.

{info} No need to waste your time, go back and forth to create plan on Stripe dashboard. Just create plan and coupon once, they will automaticaly create on the fly on your stripe dashboard.

Create Plan

To create a new plan you can visit /admin/plans/create

List all Plan

To create a new plan you can visit /admin/plans


Create a coupon is so easy with SaaSWeb

Create coupon

To create a new coupon you can visit /admin/coupons/create

List all Coupon

To create a new coupon you can visit /admin/coupons


Any register user on your application can be subscripe for any available plans.

Subscription page

Change subscription

To change subscription plan user can go to /account/subscription/swap

Cancel subscription

User can cancel any subscription, to do si it can go to /account/subscription/cancel

Update card

User can securely update his credit card information for future payments.


In order to see the Invoices PDF, go to /account/subscription/invoice/invoices

{info} SaaSWeb is using Laravel Cashier Billing under the hood, if you need additional configurations you may want to visit the Laravel Cashier documentation.