SaaSWeb, Laravel 5.8 & vue SaaS Starter kit

Welcome to SaaSUSB Documentation.

These docs have been created to help you handle and build the next Multi tenant greatest Software as a Service app!

{primary} Save weeks of time and build your Vue.js & Laravel SaaS app in minutes.

SaaSWeb provides the Ultimate starter kit for multi-tenant SaaS project on top of Laravel and Vue framework. 🦊


  • Authentication - Fully loaded authentication, email verification, and password reset.
  • User Profiles - Easily Customizable User Profiles.
  • User Impersonation - Login as another user to resolve an issue/bug.
  • Billing - Allow users to pay for your service.
  • Subscription Plans - Subscription plans with different features.
  • User Roles - Assign a role and permissions to a specific plan.
  • Notifications - Ready-to-use Notification System.
  • Announcements - Notify users about new features or updates.
  • Blog - Equipped with a fully-functional blog.
  • API - Ready-to-consume API for your application
  • Admin - Voyager Admin feature set.

{success} Building your SAAS Application is going to be Fun!.

check the SaaSWeb demo

Front end:

Admin Panel: